FLWO Shuttle Service from the Base Camp to the Mountain

(taken from FLWO Visiting Observer Guide)

Vehicles are available for transportation to and from the mountain at the times listed below. DO NOT leave the Base Camp before the listed time. Valid state or international driver's licenses are required. New visitors are asked to leave a photocopy of their licenses at the Basecamp. If you do not drive at all, please arrange in advance with your group your transportation up and down the mountain.

Day Shuttles  (Monday to Friday)
Leave Office Leave Ridge
8:30 AM   4:25 PM
11:00 AM By arrangement (BA)

Daily Night Shuttles
Leave Office Leave Mtn  Leave Office Leave Mtn 
Jan 4:15 PM  BA Jul 6:15 PM  BA
Feb 4:45 PM BA Aug 5:45 PM BA
Mar 5:15 PM BA Sep 5:15 PM BA
Apr 5:45 PM BA Oct 4:45 PM BA
May 5:45 PM BA Nov 4:15 PM BA
Jun 6:15 PM BA Dec 4:15 PM  BA

For other arrangements contact Danny West at 520-670-5710

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