From: Karen Erdman-Myres <>
Date: February 17, 2005 1:00:00 PM MST
Subject: New Vehicle Policy and Procedures

Look for new signs and a vehicle log clipboard in the Ready Room!

We are implementing a new vehicle policy and procedures that includes 
a number of steps.  Effective immediately, anyone using a FLWO 
passenger vehicle to drive to the mountain, Kitt Peak, Tucson or other 
destinations (for official business only) are required to sign a form 
on the clipboard.  This applies to the use of all passenger vehicles 
except the early morning assigned shuttles.

This sign-out procedure is intended to increase responsibility and 
accountability for using FLWO vehicles.
Even though many vehicles are driven by multiple Observatory guests 
once they are on the mountain, we ask that you comply with this 
procedure.  The vehicle sign-out log will certainly assist the Motor 
Pool with tracking down the location of many vehicles, particularly, 
after a weekend.

All Smithsonian staff members (including predocs, postdocs, graduate 
students and interns who are supported with SAO funding) will soon 
receive a packet from me.  This packet includes a FLWO Vehicle 
Operators' Guide and a FLWO Driver's Statement.  You are required to 
read the Guide and provide a copy of your drivers license with a 
signed FLWO Driver's Statement.  Even though Ginnee may have a older 
copy of your drivers license, please submit another copy with the 
signed form.

Employees of the MMTO and other collaborating institutions will 
receive the same packet described above with one additional item.  
They will receive an appointment letter as a Smithsonian "No-Fee 
Consultant."   This appointment letter authorizes non Smithsonian 
employees to drive FLWO vehicles.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.


Karen Erdman-Myres
Facility Manager
Whipple Observatory
Smithsonian Institution
Phone:  520-670-5703
Fax:  520-670-5714