7/16  From Dan Brocious
The Florida fire status near Mt. Hopkins has not greatly changed
since our last reports yesterday. 

The fire has not yet crossed the line running through 
Josephine Canyon to Jack Mountain, and the fire fighters have
not yet started back fires to attempt to protect our observatories. 
However, the expectation remains that the fire will corss the line 
and then head quickly uphill towards the MMT and FLWO.

Control over the fire has improved in other areas, so more
resources are becoming available to fight the fire in our area.
Large helicopters are continuously dumping water and fire retardant.
Unfortunately, humidity is dropping and the skies are mostly clear.
More news later.

7/15/05  note from Steve Criswell
The first team on the fire attempted to hold the west side of the fire at the 
bottom of Madera/Josephine Canyon.

Thursday night a new team took over.

The new team will continue to fight the fire at the base of Madera/Josephine 
Canyons, but they feel that they will loose the fight and have to evacuate for 
crew safety.  Once the fire crosses the Canyons, it could reach FLWO within two
hours. This could happen any time in the next several days.

The new team's plan to protect FLWO is a follows:

a. They feel FLWO has been well brushed by both FLWO efforts in the past and
the the last several days work by the previous team.

b. They have sent 4 fire engines to the mountain to fight spot fires.

c. The are establishing two retardant drip stations.  One will be by the 
basecamp.  They will use these bases, several helicopters, and 21 tankers 
trucks to ring FLWO with retardant.

d. If the fire starts up the hill to FLWO, they will light backfires below 
the retardant ring.

e. Even if the fire crosses FLWO, they fell they may be able to save most if 
not all of the buildings.  They may even be able to keep personnel at FLWO 
during the passage.

The fire is now 20,000 acres, the current team is predicting it will grow to 
60,000 acres.  The new fire hold line is at the top of Montosa Canyon.

FLWO Operations
We plan to continue VERITAS basecamp operations.  The 40T crane will arrive 
Monday to place the shed.

There will be one person at the basecamp over the weekend during daylight 
hours.  Call my number 520 670 5702 to contact this person.

All mountain dorms are closed.  If you are coming to the basecamp you will 
have to find a motel.  This could be difficult with 800 fire fighters in the 
area.  The Rex Ranch (520 398 2914) has openings at $55/night.

Other than Nomexed people (Dennis, Emilio and Wayne), no one should go to the 
mountain. When they go to the mountain, they must receive permission of the 
crew chief at FLWO.

It is unlikely that non Nomexed FLWO/MMT personnel will be allowed on the 
mountain over the weekend.  It could be a week before we get back on the