IOTA Observing Schedule: Trimester No. 2

Dates Nights Observers (PI & CoIs) Instrument Project
April 24-30 7 Carleton, Lacasse ....  3rd telescope; sidewalks
May 1-9 9 Debernardi Nicmos/Fluor Am stars in SB systems
May 10-24 15 Perrin,Foresto Nicmos/Fluor  Narrow-band obs of pulsing stars
May 25 -June 1  8 Segransan, Haguerauer, Forveille, Perrier, Millan-Gabet, Traub Nicmos/Fluor
M/L for low-mass stars
June 2-8 7 Papaliolios, Karovska, Sasselov, Marengo APD/Visible Cepheid program
June 9-12 4 Monnier, CfA IOTA team, Tuthill, Danchi Nicmos/Fluor Keck-IOTA synthesis
June 13-15 3 Monnier, CfA IOTA team Nicmos/Fluor Sources unresolved by Keck
June 16-22  7 Millan-Gabet, Traub, Monnier, Porro, Schloerb, Kanbur, Hofmann, Weigelt Nicmos/Fluor Mira diameters
June 20 0.5 Ratner, Porro, Traub Nicmos/Fluor IM Peg GP-B star
June 23 -July 2 10 Schloerb, Brewer, Souccar, Morel, Lacasse .... 3rd telescope VxWorks test
July 2  0.5 Ratner, Porro, Traub Nicmos/Fluor IM Peg GP-B star
July 3 -Aug 31 60 Lacasse, More .... 3rd telescope Engineering

1. This is the final schedule.
2. Scientific requests totaled 60 nights;  53.5 nights are assigned.
3. The two half-nights are the last half of each night.
4. The VxWorks test now occurs at the end of June, so as to not interrupt
   the science program, and so that there is no great need to restore
   science capability at the end, except we would like to operate the
   instrument for the last half-night of July 2nd.
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