1 September 2000

Observers (PI & CoIs)
Sept 1-12  13  Papaliolios, Karovska, Sasselov, Marengo APD  Cepheid
Sept 13-29 17 Morel, Bregman, Traub, Millan-Gabet Nicmos/Fluor Symbiotic stars, fringe tracker (also see note 3)
Sept 13 -Nov 2  (6x0.5) Ratner, Millan-Gabet, Traub Nicmos/Fluor IM Peg for
GP-B (see note 3) (interspersed early half-nights)
Sept 30-Oct 11 12 Schoeller, Tokovinin, Kervella, Foresto  Nicmos/Fluor Multi-star systems (also see note 3)
Oct 12-23 12  Perrin, Foresto, Chagnon, Mennesson, Traub, Lacasse Nicmos/Fluor AGB stars (also see note 3)
Oct 24 -Nov 2  10 Borde, Foresto, Perrin  Nicmos/Fluor Short period binaries (also see note 3)
Nov 3-8  6 Richichi, Foresto  Nicmos/Fluor InSb/Fluor Lunar occultation binaries
Nov 9-22 14 Chagnon, Perrin, Foresto, Mennesson, Traub, Lacasse TISIS  L-band obs. of late-type stars
Nov 23-29  7 Berger, Malbet, Haguenauer, Perraut, Kern, Millan-Gabet, Traub Nicmos/IO Integrated optics test
Nov 30-Dec 17  18  Traub, Berger, Brewer, Carleton, Lacasse, Millan-Gabet, Monnier, Morel, Pedretti, Schloerb 3rd tel. Phase closure 
upgrade work
Dec 18-22 Papaliolios, Karovska, Sasselov, Marengo APD Cepheid program
Dec 23-31 9 Morel, Bregman, Traub, Millan-Gabet Nicmos/Fluor Symbiotic stars, fringe tracker

1.  This is the final schedule for the third trimester.
2.  The VxWorks system will be shipped to the IOTA site about Nov 1,  and tested as much as possible, without significant interference to the ongoing science program, by Morel and Lacasse.
3.  Observers on site from Sept 13 through Nov 2 are requested to contribute the first part of several nights to the Ratner program, and to perform the observations as a favor to the PI and CoIs, who will not be present,
in exchange for collaborative co-authorship on any resulting publication. Details will be supplied separately.

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