How to edit files of the e-blueprint library (IOTA developers only)

By Sebastien Morel, November 2000

The drawings have been made on a Macintosh, most of them by using AppleWorks (the standard MacOS office suite).

To edit a drawing for correction and updates:

1) Download the file in AppleWorks format.

2) Open it with AppleWorks and do your modifications.

3) Save it, and generate a PostScript file: select "File"->"Print..."
Select "Destination" = "File" (pop-up menu).
In the "General" pop-up menu, select "Save as File" (last line). Set the options as follows:
"Format" = "PostScript job",
"PostScript Level" = "Level 1Compatible",
"Data Format" = "ASCII",
"Font Inclusion" = "All but Standard 13".
Click on "Print".
Give the file to save the name of your drawing followed by the extension ".ps".


- It is preferable that your drawing can fit in one US letter format page.
Select "File"->"Print Setup...", and modify "Scale" to have the desired size.
To see the result, select "Window"-> "Page View" in AppleWorks.

- In your drawing, select preferably standard fonts like Helvetica, Times, etc... It will reduce the size of the PostScript file.

4) Make a J-PEG image of your drawing.
You can launch Graphic-Converter, then in AppleWorks type Apple-key + A (select all), Apple-key + C (copy), go in Graphic-Converter, select "Edit" -> "New Picture with Clipboard". Select "File" -> "Save as...". Select "JPEG/JFIF" for the format. Give the file to save the name of your drawing followed by ".jpg"

5) You have now your drawing in three formats. To post these files on the e-blueprint library, contact the IOTA webmaster (currently Irene Porro, Files are usually uploaded on a FTP server to be retrieved and posted by the webmaster, after an e-mail notification.

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