Notes to Next Users:
John D. Monnier and Cos Papaliolios  Sept 10, 2000

New home is 43.8 cm different than the other one. To correct old Delay.Config files, ADD 87.6 cm to the line "Int. OPD at home, A beam ..." and "Int. OPD at home, B beam ..." This has not been tested on sky, but should be right.

2. Dihedral on Short Delay Line may not be adjusted perfectly -- you may need to do this.  This involves breaking vacuum and should be
done carefully.

3. Because of the excessive problems with the short delay during the last 6 months, the magnetic pull-down force has been lessened for both top and side bearings. This means the delay line runs with much less air flow. As in the past, some experimentation may be needed to find an optimal balance between smooth motion and oscillation.  Currently, flow rates which seem to work are:  1.5 for TOP and 1.25 for SIDE, as read from the right-hand scales.   However, as of today, no fringes have been acquired with delay line so we can not be 100% sure that it is functioning properly.

4. We've written fairly in-depth memos on how to install and remove the delay line carts, (see web page or for a paper copy ask Marc).

5. The Current DelayLine.Config file is our best-guess at where the fringes are on a S15N15 baseline (for the IOTA delay control).

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