Current alignment light status

Location    Switch       wire                      status
Exit         #1 on box  Cable to corner          Three Functioning
Short Delay  #2 on box  Cable to corner          Two Functioning
Long Delay   do Yaw+/-  Yaw cable                Two Functioning
Corner       #5 on box  Cable to corner          Three Functioning
Feed Mirror  #4 on box  N/S feed mirror cables   Three Functioning
Piezo Mirror #6 on box  Cable to telescopes      N & S positioned well
                                                 W not checked
Secondary     AAIB (later)  Same as PM            not wired yet

12/31  LD lights now on cart, no danger of collision, 25M useable
       Lights are offset and at the vertices of the dihedrals
       Lights are turned on with Yaw - and off with Yaw +
       They are on the fainter side and I will evaluate the appropriate
       level of illumination with our camera a little later.
1/28   South feed mirror light mounted & Tested
1/31   South Piezo light Positioned to < 1mm 
2/4    North Piezo light positioned and tested.

Marc Lacasse