In the following, when using the "new" version of the IOTA
Instrument Control Software (ICS), 
replace "Startracker2" by "Startracker_ICS4" (look for (*) ). 

The ' Startracker2 '(*) program is used on the iBook to allow the user to
adjust the feed mirrors for the Star Tracker until we have that
process automated. - The ' observe_ep_g3.2 ' displays the PICNIC camera
array when positioning the fiber spots. 

- Log into the ibook
- SSH into IOTA16 as iota from the iBook XWindows environment, i.e., 
  currently the GNOME gray metallic background windows: 
     ssh -X iota@iota16.sao.arizona.edu
  The '-X' is not always needed, usually the first time you ssh 
  after a boot up. 
- type: 
     cd XDisplay
     Startracker2 (*)

Remember to exit the program when done.  Apparently, having the iBook
go into sleep mode when the Startrack2 (*) program is active will create
an orphan process on IOTA16 and you will be unable to run the
startracker routines until it is killed.

To check for orphan processes: 
   ps -aef | grep startrack

Marc Lacasse

Target server error.
on 2/9 we had a target server problem.  
The tornado portion of the computer forgot where iota-ppc0 was.

The message after vxworks-start-LL  was

it also said
unable to attach to agent.

To fix it we started tornado launcher with 
launch &

then select the ppc which is causing the problem in the main window, 
then select Target Menu item Create to get the necessary information,
then select Target Menu item Reattach to reconnect the ppc.

You exit this window with 
File Menu item quit.

You can usually determine which target got corrupted by running
windsh iota-ppcN  where N={0,1,2}
The one that fails is the one which needs to be fixed.

Terminate the windshell with a command line exit command.

It was also necessary on  one or two occasions to restart the 
target server on iota16 in /etc/init.d/tornado.start,
which must be done as root, when the process was not active.

Gary Wallace comments on the problem as follows:
  Here's just a quick overview of the tornado registry/target server
workings.  The startup script
 first launches the registry server.  
This daemon maintains a database of target servers.  At iota,
we have 3 target servers, one for each ppc single board computer.
These are also started by the tornado.start script.

  This means there should be 4 processes running, the registry server
(wtxregd.ex), and 3 target servers (tgtsvr.ex).  You can use 'ps -aef
| grep wtx' and 'ps -aef | grep tgt' to check if these servers are

  When you see WTX Error 0x1001e REGISTRY_NAME_NOT_FOUND,
this means the registry server is running, but for some reason it's
lost the info about one of the target servers.  

  Using 'launch -> Target -> Create' adds this info back into the
registry and starts that target server.  Using 'launch -> Target ->
Reattach' reconnects a target server to the target (it was
disconnected because the target was unreachable for some reason).

MGL 2/9/05

Windshells also sometimes become orphans.
The design is that, in normal operation, windshell comes on to load
the vxworks and daq software onto the VME computers and then should
exit.  The programmers sometimes use Windshell to interact with
the VME computers at a lower level than the LMTMC interface.

Sometimes the windshell does not exit properly and sits on the
computer trying to do something.
The windshell can take up a lot of the cpu power when it is hung
and confused - you can see this by typing top in an xterm on iota16.  
Typing "top" when the system begins to act sluggish is a first
good step to see what is happening.

13563 iota       5   0    0 3616K 3192K cpu0  806:16 49.97% windsh.ex
14417 iota       1  28    0 2496K 1872K sleep   0:00  0.19% tcsh
14414 root       1  38    0 6240K 2240K sleep   0:00  0.16% sshd
14420 iota       1  38    0 1712K 1120K cpu1    0:00  0.05% top
  327 root       1 100  -20 2224K 1208K sleep   3:04  0.00% xntpd

You must then kill the process
kill -9 13563
in the case aabove to remove the orphaned process.
Double check the PID number you are entering so that you don't cause 
more problems.