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IOTA - Computer Startup

Last update: 2005-12-12

1) Log in to iota16 as 
		   passwd ________

[ Do not start any web browser in the left monitor for iota16.  This
messes up the color table and causes your display of data to be
invisible. The color table is messed up for this monitor until the
user logs out. ]

2) In a terminal window start the long delay server
		longdel  (ssh observer@ldelay)
		   passwd _______
.                                        <=== (*)
		(This gives you  1 line per second,
		server -v    for more info - 3 lines,
		server -q    for no info)
	The server can also be started in the laser hut and
	just left running without the need for restarting each day.

        NOTE:  The long delay server does not like to have
	commands to multiple axes queued.  For most operations 
	you should wait for the current command to complete before
	issuing a command to the other axis or any new command.
	The exception is HALT which will stop the current action.

.         (*) ( <=== If the power for the delay system in the laser hut
.               was turned off and on, do the following; 
.               not needed if only VME power cycled.
.               - su -
.               - passwd __________
.               - ./srv2
.               - exit
.             )

3)  If VME power has not been cycled lately: 
.         { this step is mostly to check status; 
.           start VxWorks from an ***XTERM*** window with 
.         - launch &
.         - Select each processor eg. iota-ppc1
.         - click on windshell
.         - type in "i", see if there are programs like axis, sphere, startracker
.         - if so  --  type "reboot" or "<CTRL>-x" to clear the processor 
.         }

4) Start Data Acquisition (3T-DAQ) software: 
        type in a XTERM: 
                cd ~iota/iota/

5) Start Instrument Control Software (OT/ICS): 
        type in a (different) XTERM: 
                cd ~iota/iota/
                on prompt, use any (your) username and password __________

	wait for ICS to load in a window titled MC. 
	Make sure clocks are running in System window.

	In OT click on:
           [Icon] (GalilController)
	   TM   (TelescopeModel)      A, B, C 
	   TT   (TelescopeTracker)    A, B, C
	   TC   (TelescopeController) A, B, C
                [ the previous two tools are merged in TC (TelescopeControl) ]
           [|_] (DelaySystem)
	   LD   (LongDelay)    1, 2
	   SD_T (SDTracker)    1, 2
	   SD_C (SDController) 1, 2
                [ the previous two tools are merged in SD (DelayControl) ]
           TV   (TVFinder) for star acquisition
	   [Spiral]  for star searcher
           [Wiggles] for delay searcher

	Load telescope models -
		press the poining model button in each window
	Load delay models -
		press the station button for each telescope

	open the star tracker control window: 
	   set delay in (a,b)
	   set command to open loop A, B, C
	   set shutter to open      A, B, C
	   set active to yes        A, B, C
	   set pm search to no      A, B, C
	   set initially: 
		detector  - new [do not change this!]
		Det state - on
		Resolution - coarse [do not change this!]
		Use dark   - no 
		Threshold - about 8000 to 12000 unless you want faint stars.
			the threshold is in adu/second.  
			The max adu are listed 
		        in ADU/frame as (MAX) in the Star Tracker CCD window.
		int time - 10 (milliseconds)
		loop gain - 0.5..1
		Search step - 128 ( = 4095/32 )

6) Planning tools to find appropriate Long Delay line position for an object: 

 * IDL based tool ' iota3gui ' (stand-alone version): 
      cd ~iota/iota_idl/IOTA3_Tools/
      at the IDL prompt type ' iota3gui '; 
   then select your catalog, configuration, time etc.; 
   catalog format: 
      +Catalog for choosing sources -- could use other file too [space delimited]
      Name_Name       RA              Dec             epoch
      obj_name        18 08 28        -21 15 11       2000
      cal_name        10 17 00.00     -14 39 30.00    2000
      :               :               :               :

   [this tool is also available from the 3T-DAQ main menu]

 * Delay Calculator within the ICS: 
   open DelayTrajectory from MC Control menu, Delay_Plot from MC Plot menu, 
   follow instructions under #8. of the ICS manual

7) for shutdown:
	a) Terminate the MC process (menu item QUIT in the File menu of the MC window)
	b) In same XTERM kill the "startFSM" job running in background: 
	      type   ' ps -ef | grep FSM '
	        --> get " #### startFSM "
	      type   ' kill #### '
              type ' vxworks-stop ' (terminates ICS VxWorks programs)
	c) Terminate the DAQ (menu item QUIT), then in same XTERM
	      type ' daq-stop ' (terminates DAQ VxWorks programs)
	d) Power down VME chassis - green button
	e) log out of iota16