Rafael Millan-Gabet, Nov. 1999

Starting up Long Delay program:

        turn on laser and long delay motor and limits with plug strip.
        Telnet to LD computer:
                Double click on Telnet icon on one of the quadras,
                        for example "IOTA data acquisition"
                File -> Open Connection
                Username = ****
                passwd = ****
                become Superuser
                passwd = ****
                type (assuming LD computer has not been shut off)
                cd /home/ldelay/at6400
                        [Wait a few minutes, messages will printout]
                cd /home/ldelay/udp
                ./server 3)
        Double click on DelayLine 2.0.3 on quadra

         you should get the folowing two warning messages - see below

        Command motions

        additional notes

        the error messages should be:
         Warning Command Error!
         Warning Axis 2 Drive Fault !

         you should click button labeled [Oh, well ...]

         The first does not have a known specific cause but indicates
         the AT6400 is listening - bad data left in buffer?

         The second message is because Axis 2 is not currently connected.
         If both messages do not show up - restart DelayLine 2.0.3

         undocumented "feature"?
         If the laser loses lock for some reason - the delayline 2.0.3 will
         say in message window server error: command structure has wrong size
          - this can be remedied by returning to home with
          move absolute commands and re-indexing - there may be a couple of error messages and
          you may index twice.

                passwords changed 1/6/00
                passwd = compumotor -> ****
                passwd = ****

From Rafael's Nov 23 '99 message Notes on the New Long Delay Control

Here are the steps to get the server-client software running for commanding the long delay.

0) Turn on power to LD motor and laser. Laser needs a few minutes to warm up before it reports accurate positions.

1) Use a free terminal to telnet to the ldelay linux box

2) Log in as username: ldelay / passwd: *****

3) Type the following to become root:

        su -
        passwd: ****

4) cd /home/ldelay

5) Now there are two possibilities, depending on whether or not the linux box has been rebooted since the last time the server-client software was run (there is no need to reboot the linux box ever, this will only happen if someone has been working on the code, or if there was a need to turn off the machine for some special reason).

Type lsmod or /sbin/lsmod to list the modules that are loaded.

5-a) If you see an entry for the at6400 driver and one for the hp10885a driver then the linux box has not been rebooted. In that case the steps are:

cd /home/ldelay/at6400 ./load_at6400 (wait until the at6400 OS gets loaded into the card)

cd /home/ldelay/udp ./server

Then you can start the client software in the IOTA Delay Line Control Mac (currently DelayLine2.0.3).

5-b) If you don't see entries for the at6400 and hp10885a drivers in lsmod, then the modules need to be reloaded:

cd /home/ldelay/at6400 ./load_at6400 ./1 cd /home/ldelay/hp10885a ./1
cd /home/ldelay/udp ./server

Then proceed as above to run the client software.

6) At the end of the night, turn off the power to the LD motor and laser (out in the hut). Those two are plugged into a single power strip that just needs to be turned off. Do not turn off anything else, particularly the linux box.

note: =====

The server-client software is still rather flaky. Sometimes you will find that the client does not execute move commands, or that you get wrong Home or Limit switch information. We have found that simply restarting client helps. Believe it or not, a good indication that the software is going to run properly is getting a "Command Error" message when the client software starts. You will also get error messages concerning drive 2, but that is normal since the second LD is not powered.

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