Last update: August 1997

Set the dewar upside down, using the aluminum ring -(c) above- so that the openings for LN2 at the dewar top plate are not in contact with the table.

Now, you still can't separate the top and bottom parts of the dewar (let's call them the two "halves"; and
even though the dewar is upside down now, I still call "top" the half into which you pour LN2 and "bottom" the half that contains the electronics) because they are attached together by the cold copper straps. The cold straps are tied to the detector box in the lower half and to the cold plate in the upper half. You need to free the 2 cold straps AT THE COLD PLATE END before you can pull the two halves of the dewar apart. Now you can completely lift the bottom half. Set it on your work space, since this is what you will be working on and set aside the rest of the dewar since you will not need it again until you put things back together.