Last update: August 1997

This is another (last) difficult step. Also, you will need to be creative and careful one more time: when we free the detector card from the back of the box (instructions below) it will drop to the bottom of the box, carrying the thin wires with it. Having the box tilted helps, but horizontal is better or use small pliers (the kind that presses by default) to hold on to the card so that it doesn't drop when you free it.

Now the detector assembly is tied to the G10 plate, but free from the box. Either now or in the following
step is when the detector card will want to drop down if you are holding things vertically. Now, that thing at the center of the card is the NICMOS3. It is sitting in its socket, and is covered by the "detector cover". The detector cover is in turn being pushed down by a copper squared-ring spring held by
4 screws. That way it won't wiggle around, or fall off. But this may not be worth it if you are not going to do a lot of work on the card.

That's it. Go take a shower.

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