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compute3dtable - stack several similar tables, evaluate statements for each cell


        compute3dtable 'statements' file [file ...]


compute3dtable executes a list of awk statements on each row of a stack starbase data tables. Each statement is separated from the next by a semi-colon or newline. The depth of a value in the stack is accessed by subscripting the column name with a parenthesised index.


You have 6 data tables that are the output of a script (data samples from the lab perhaps). You want to know the maximum value in all the tables in each row of the Position column.

        compute3dtable 'Position = Position(1)
                        for ( i = 2; i <= ND; i++ ) {
                            if ( Position < Position(i) ) { Position = Position(i) }

The subscripted column name represents the value of the column in each of the input tables given on the command line, numbered from 1 to ND. The unsubscripted column name represents the value of the column in the output table.


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