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fldtotable - convert a whitespace delimited file of columns to an starbase data table.

        fldtotable [-i ifile] [-o ofile] column[:n[-m]] ...


fldtotable reads an ASCII whitespace (space or tab) delimited file of column data selecting the specified fields, adds a header and converts the column delimiters to tabs.



Convert a file of space delimited column to a table. Object is in column 1 RA is in column 2 Dec is in column 3 and a trailing comment is in column 6 to the end of line.

Note that the column numbers default to 1, 2 and 3 for Object, RA and Dec but the column selection for Comment is given.

        john@panic: fldtotable Object RA Dec Comment:6-

If the RA and Dec are given in space delimited sexagesimal notation ("hh mm ss.sss") then this command might have been used for the same file:

        john@panic: fldtotable Object RA:2-4 Dec:5-7 Comment:10-


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