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index - index a starbase data table for fast access using the search command.


    index -m[sbihr] [-n] [-h] [-r] [-L] table column


index creates a sorted index file (or sorts the table itself) so that the search command may be used to access rows of the table more quickly than the sequential access provided by row.



Example of primary indexing. Make a numeric primary index of file foo on column A.

        john@panic: index -mb -n foo.mmethod A

Make three indicies for the file ZYX.tab. The X column is the primary index and the file XYZ.tab will be sorted in X order by the index command. The other two index commands make secondary of "indirect" indexes. They will create auxillery files that will be used by search.

        john@panic: index -mb -n XYZ.tab X
        john@panic: index -mi -n XYZ.tab Y
        john@panic: index -mi -n XYZ.tab Z

Make indexes for RA Dec and Magnitude searching. The -h option should be used for RA, Dec column if they are in HH MM SS.SSS format.

        john@panic: index -mb -h coords.tab RA
        john@panic: index -mi -h coords.tab Dec
        john@panic: index -mi -n coords.tab Mag


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