slaObs -


void slaObs(n, c, name, w, p, h)


int n
char *c
char *name
double *w
double *p
double *h


  Parameters of selected groundbased observing stations.


     n       int     number specifying observing station

  Either given or returned
    *c       char    identifier specifying observing station


    *name    char    name of specified observing station
    *w       double  longitude (radians, West +ve)
    *p       double  geodetic latitude (radians, North +ve)
    *h       double  height above sea level (metres)


     Station identifiers may be up to 10 characters long,
     and station names may be up to 40 characters long.
     Leading or trailing spaces are not supported.

     c and n are alternative ways of specifying the observing
     station.  The c option, which is the most generally useful,
     may be selected by specifying an n value of zero or less.
     If n is 1 or more, the parameters of the nth station
     in the currently supported list are interrogated (n=1
     meaning the first station in the list), and the station
     identifier c is returned as well as name, w, p and h.

     If the station parameters are not available, either because
     the station identifier c is not recognised, or because an
     n value greater than the number of stations supported is
     given, a name of "?" is returned and c, w, p and h are left
     in their current states.

     Programs can obtain a list of all currently supported
     stations by calling the routine repeatedly, with n=1,2,3...
     When name="?" is seen, the list of stations has been

     Station numbers, identifiers, names and other details are
     subject to change and should not be hardwired into
     application programs.

     All station identifiers c are uppercase only;  lowercase
     characters must be converted to uppercase by the calling
     program.  The station names returned may contain both upper-
     and lowercase.  All characters up to the first space are
     checked;  thus an abbreviated ID will return the parameters
     for the first station in the list which matches the
     abbreviation supplied, and no station in the list will ever
     contain embedded spaces.  c must not have leading spaces.

     longitude returned by slaObs is west-positive in accordance
     with astronomical usage.  However, this sign convention is
     left-handed and is the opposite of the one used by geographers;
     elsewhere in slalib the preferable east-positive convention is
     used.  In particular, note that for use in slaAop, slaAoppa
     and slaOap the sign of the longitude must be reversed.

     Users are urged to inform the author of any improvements
they would like to see made. For example

         typographical corrections
         more accurate parameters
         better station identifiers or names
         additional stations

  Defined in slamac.h:  DAS2R

  P.T.Wallace   Starlink   17 November 1993