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tabletofits - convert a starbase table to a FITS binary table.


tabletofits [-i infile] ] [-o outfile] [column:flag.width] [column:flag.width ...]


Column types are specified using the standard FITS table data type definition characters. The width specifier is only used with strings to set the maximum string length.

         C char
         L char
         X char
         B unsigned char
         U short
         I short
         J int
         V unsigned int
         F float
         E float
         D double
         A string

If no column name:type pairs are given tabletofits does its best to guess the data type of the input columns.


        john@panic : tabletofits < table.tab > table.fits
        john@panic : tabletofits X:I Y:I Value:D Comment:A.35 < table.tab > table.fits

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