rvsao. emsao Parameter File

spectra,s,a,,,,List of input spectra
specnum,s,h,"0",,,Spectrum number(s) if multispec file
skynum,s,h,"0",,,Sky spectrum number(s) if multispec or archive file
st_lambda,r,h,0.0,,,Starting wave length of spectrum
end_lambda,r,h,0.0,,,Ending wave length of spectrum
npfit,i,h,2,,,Number of pixels to fit line peak
wspan,r,h,10.,,,Wavelength to search around redshifted line center in angstroms
linesig,r,h,2.0,,,Number of standard deviations above continuum to be line
nsmooth,i,h,10,,,Number of times to smooth spectrum for search and plot
esmooth,i,h,0,,,Number of times to smooth spectrum for emission line fit
renormalize,b,h,no,,,Renormalize spectrum before fitting (yes or no)
vel_corr,s,h,"file",none|file|heliocentric|barycentric|hfile,,Spectrum velocity correction
vel_plot,s,h,"emission",correlation|emission|combination,,Velocity to plot
vel_init,s,h,"search",search|guess|correlation|emission|file,,Initial velocity source (search guess corr em file)
czguess,r,h,0.0,,,Initial guess for Cz (<1 is v/c  >1 is km/sec)
emsearch,s,h,"rvsao$lib/emsearch.dat",,,List of strongest emission lines for search
emlines,s,h,"rvsao$lib/emlines.dat",,,Emission line list
emcombine,s,h,"rvsao$lib/emcomb.dat",,,Combination fit emission line list
ablines,s,h,"rvsao$lib/ablines.dat",,,Absorption line list
linefit,b,h,yes,,,Find and fit emission lines (yes or no)
sigline,r,h,0.0,,,Velocity error if single line found (0 for gaussian fit error)
velfit,b,h,yes,,,Fit velocity from emission lines (yes or no)
displot,b,h,yes,,,Plot results on terminal (yes or no)
dispem,b,h,yes,,,Label emission lines on spectrum plot (yes or no)
dispabs,b,h,yes,,,Label absorption lines on spectrum plot (yes or no)
obj_plot,b,h,no,,,Plot the object spectrum
device,s,h,"stdgraph",,,Display output device
hardcopy,b,h,no,,,Automatic hardcopy of results (yes or no)
plotter,s,h,"stdplot",,,Hardcopy output device
archive,b,h,no,,,Save results in binary archive record (yes or no)
save_vel,b,h,no,,,Save results in IRAF data file header (yes or no)
verbose,b,h,yes,,,Displays results on terminal
debug,b,h,no,,,Displays intermediate results
logfiles,s,h,"STDOUT,emsao.log",,,List of log files
curmode,b,h,yes,,,Wait for cursor commands after plotting (yes or no)
cursor,*gcur,h,"",,,Graphics cursor input
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Last updated 23 October 1997 by Doug Mink dmink@cfa.harvard.edu

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