EMSAO Example 4 Parameters

      spectra = "1994.0305.0359.09306p0546.fits" List of input spectra
     (specnum = "1")            Spectrum aperture range if multispec or 2-D fil
    (specband = 0)              Spectrum band if multispec
      (skynum = "0")            Sky aperture range if multispec or 2-D file
     (skyband = 0)              Sky band if multispec file
     (specdir = "")             Directory for input spectra
     (linefit = yes)            Find and fit emission lines (yes or no)
      (fixbad = no)             Eliminate portions of spectrum with bad lines (
    (badlines = "badlines.dat") Lines to eliminate from spectrum
 (renormalize = no)             Renormalize spectrum before fitting (yes or no)
   (st_lambda = INDEF)          Starting wave length of spectrum
  (end_lambda = INDEF)          Ending wave length of spectrum
     (nsmooth = 0)              Number of times to smooth spectrum for search a
    (vel_init = "search")       Initial velocity (search guess corr em file)
     (czguess = 0.)             Initial guess for Cz or z
     (cortemp = "femtemp97")    Specific cross-correlation template for initial
       (wspan = 15.)            Wavelength to search around redshifted line cen
     (linesig = 1.5)            Number of standard deviations above continuum t
    (emsearch = "emsearch.dat") List of strongest emission lines for search
     (emlines = "emlines.dat")  Emission line list
     (linedir = "rvsao$lib/")   Directory for line lists
       (npfit = 2)              Number of pixels to fit line peak
      (nlcont = 1)              Number of coeefficients in line continuum fit
     (esmooth = 0)              Number of times to smooth spectrum for emission
   (emcombine = "emcombnoh.dat") Combination fit emission line list
     (mincont = 0.)             If continuum is greater than this compute equiv
       (lwmin = 0.4)            Minimum fraction of mean line width for individ
       (lwmax = 1.7)            Maximum fraction of mean line width for individ
       (lsmin = 2.)             Minimum equivalent width in sigma for individua
     (sigline = 0.)             Velocity error if single line found (0 for gaus
     (disperr = 0.02)           RMS dispersion error in angstroms
    (vel_corr = "none")         Spectrum velocity correction
 (report_mode = 1)              Report mode (1=normal 2=one-line)
     (archive = no)             Save results in binary archive record (yes or n
    (save_vel = no)             Save results in IRAF data file header (yes or n
     (verbose = yes)            Displays results on terminal
    (logfiles = "STDOUT,emsao.log") List of log files
      (device = "stdgraph")     Display output device
    (hardcopy = no)             Automatic hardcopy of results (yes or no)
     (displot = yes)            Plot results on terminal (yes or no)
     (plotter = "stdplot")      Hardcopy output device
    (dispmode = 2)              Graphical display mode (2=with line list 3=full
    (vel_plot = "emission")     Velocity to plot
     (curmode = yes)            Wait for cursor commands after plotting (yes or
      (dispem = yes)            Label emission lines on spectrum plot (yes or n
     (dispabs = yes)            Label absorption lines on spectrum plot (yes or
     (ablines = "ablines.dat")  Absorption line list
    (obj_plot = no)             Plot the object spectrum
(contsub_plot = no)             Plot the continuum-subtracted data
       (debug = no)             Displays lots of (i.e. too many) intermediate r
      (cursor = "")             Graphics cursor input
       (flpar = no)             flush pfile on assign?
        (mode = "ql")