XCSAO Example 2 Parameter File

      spectra = "1995.1122.0113.311.062165.ms" List of input spectra
     (specnum = "0")            Spectrum number(s) if multispec file
     (specdir = "")             Directory for input spectra
   (correlate = yes)            Cross-correlate spectrum (yes or no)
   (templates = "fn7331temp,emtemp,ztemp") List of template spectra
     (tempnum = "0")            Template spectrum number(s) if template is mult
     (tempdir = "archive$templates/") Directory for template spectra
     (echelle = no)             Echelle spectra (template tracks spectrum) (yes
   (st_lambda = INDEF)          Starting wave length to correlate
  (end_lambda = INDEF)          Ending wave length to correlate
    (obj_plot = no)             Plot the raw object data
   (xcor_plot = no)             Plot the filtered correlation function
   (xcor_file = no)             Write the filtered correlation function to a fi
      (fixbad = no)             Eliminate portions of spectrum with bad lines (
    (badlines = "badlines.dat") Lines to eliminate from spectrum
    (s_emchop = "tempfile")     Remove emission or absorption lines (yes,no,tem
    (t_emchop = "tempfile")     Remove emission or absorption lines (yes,no,tem
(s_abs_reject = 100.)           Spectrum absorption line rejection in sigma of 
 (s_em_reject = 2.)             Spectrum emission line rejection in sigma of fi
(t_abs_reject = 100.)           Template absorption line rejection in sigma of 
 (t_em_reject = 2.)             Template emission line rejection in sigma of fi
 (bell_window = 0.05)           Fraction of spectrum to taper
 (renormalize = no)             Renormalize spectrum before transform (yes or n
       (ncols = 4096)           Number of cols into which to rebin
 (interp_mode = "spline3")      Rebin interpolation mode
     (zeropad = "tempfile")     Pad transforms with zeroes to lower noise (yes,
     (low_bin = 5)              Bin number of low frequency cutoff
     (top_low = 20)             Bin number where low frequency reaches one
    (top_nrun = 125)            Bin number where high frequency starts to slope
        (nrun = 250)            Bin number of high frequency cutoff
    (vel_init = "zero")         Initial velocity source (zero guess corr em com
     (czguess = 0.)             Initial velocity guess in km/sec
      (nzpass = 0)              Number of times template is shifted to match ob
      (tshift = 0.)             night to night zero point velocity shift
   (svel_corr = "barycentric")  Spectrum velocity correction (none,file,helio,b
   (tvel_corr = "file")         Template velocity correction (none,file,helio,b
      (pkmode = 1)              Peak-fitting mode (1-parabola 2-quartic 3-cosx/
      (pkfrac = 0.5)            Fraction of peak or number of points for peak f
      (pksrch = 25)             Half-width of search region for graphically set
      (minvel = -5000.)         Minimum allowable velocity in km/sec
      (maxvel = 80000.)         Maximum allowable velocity in km/sec
 (report_mode = 1)              Report mode (1=normal 2=one-line)
    (logfiles = "STDOUT,xcsao.log") List of log files
    (save_vel = yes)            Save result in IRAF data file header (yes or no
     (archive = no)             Save results in binary archive record (yes or n
     (nsmooth = 5)              Smooth displayed spectrum (0=no else number of 
        (cvel = INDEF)          Center velocity of output graph
        (dvel = INDEF)          Velocity half-width of output graph
     (ablines = "ablines.dat")  Absorption line list
     (emlines = "emlines.dat")  Emission line list
     (linedir = "rvsao$lib/")   Directory for line lists
    (dispmode = 1)              Display modes (1=spectrum+xcor 2=spectrum+lines
     (displot = yes)            Display results on  (yes or no)
      (device = "stdgraph")     Display device
     (curmode = no)             Wait for keyboard response after each object (y
    (hardcopy = no)             Automatic hardcopy of results on  (yes
     (plotter = "stdplot")      Hardcopy output device
(contsub_plot = no)             Plot the continuum-subtracted data
(apodize_plot = no)             Plot the apodized data
    (fft_plot = no)             Plot the fft of the data
   (tfft_plot = no)             Plot the fft of the fft to show what is beign c
  (uxcor_plot = no)             Plot the unfiltered cross-correlation
       (debug = no)             Display intermediate results
      (cursor = "")             Graphics cursor input
       (flpar = no)             flush pfile on assign?
        (mode = "ql")           

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