XCSAO Multispec Image Header Entries

XCSAO saves its results in the IRAF spectrum file header if the save_vel parameter is yes. For IRAF multispec files, there is one velocity entry per spectrum for each type of velocity and one entry per emission line found in the spectrum.
APVEL1  = '14395.954 16.926 _ 25.298'
The final radial velocity for the first spectrum in km/sec, its error in km/sec, an interactively-set quality flag (_=none, y=OK, x=bad, ?=questionable), and the barycentric velocity correction which has been added to the correlation shift velocity to get the value of VELOCITY. If either XCSAO or EMSAO has been run, this is the same velocity with a more realistic error. If both have been run, this velocity is either an error-weighted combination, if both gave good results, or the same as the best velocity.
APVXC1  = '14395.954 7.840 16.4075 1 femtemp97 2 4096 1 5 20 125 250 0.05'
The velocity from the cross-correlation with the highest R-value, its error and R-value, followed by the sequence number of the best template, its name, the total number of templates, the number of points in the Fourier transforms, 2 if zero-padded, else 1, the four values for the cosine-bell filter used on the Fourier tranforms before they are correlated, and the fraction of the spectrum which has been apodized.
XT1_1   = 'femtemp97 14395.954 7.840 16.4075 0.890 182.443 0.000 0.000 0 3'
XT1_2   = 'fabtemp97 14414.752 28.177 9.83179 0.579 400.654 0.000 0.000 1 0'
For each template, the template name, the correlation redshift velocity (cz), the error in km/sec, the R-value, the height of the correlation peak (1.0 is max), the width of the peak at half of its peak value in km/sec, the template velocity in km/sec (includes template object velocity and any corrections), the template heliocentric velocity correction in km/sec, the line-removal flag, and the transform filter flag.
XCSAO   = 'rvsao.xcsao 2.0b 05-Feb-1998 09:50 CZXC [1]
The XCSAO history is entered once per multispec file, with the RVSAO version, the date, the time, and the range of spectra enclosed by brackets.

Last updated 5 February 1998