BCVCORR Example 2 Parameters

rv>lpar bcvcorr
      spectra = "22408"         List of input spectra
     (specnum = "0")            Spectrum number(s) if multispec file
     (specdir = "")             Directory for input spectra
       (keyra = "RA")           Right ascension header keyword
      (keydec = "DEC")          Declination header keyword
     (keyeqnx = "EPOCH")        Coordinate equinox header keyword
          (ra = INDEF)          Right ascension of observation
         (dec = INDEF)          Declination of observation
     (equinox = "1950.0")       Coordinate equinox header keyword
      (keyhjd = "HJDN")         Header keyword for heliocentric Julian date at 
       (keyjd = "GJDN")         Header keyword for Julian date at middle of obs
     (keydate = "DATE-OBS")     Header keyword for date of observation (dd/mm/y
    (keystart = "UTOPEN")       Header keyword for UT at start of observation
      (keymid = "UTMID")        Header keyword for UT in middle of observation
      (keyend = "UT")           Header keyword for UT at end of observation
      (keyexp = "EXPOSURE")     Header keyword for duration of observation in s
         (hjd = 0.)             Heliocentric Julian Date of observation
         (gjd = 0.)             Julian Date of observation
        (year = INDEF)          UT year of observation
       (month = INDEF)          UT month of observation
         (day = INDEF)          UT day of month of observation
          (ut = INDEF)          Universal Time of observation
     (obsname = "flwo")         Observatory name--file to read from image heade
      (keyobs = "SITENAME")     Observatory name header keyword
      (keylat = "SITELAT ")     Observatory latitude header keyword
     (keylong = "SITELONG")     Observatory longitude header keyword
      (keyalt = "SITEELEV")     Observatory altitude header keyword
     (obslong = INDEF)          Observatory longitude 
      (obslat = INDEF)          Observatory latitude
      (obsalt = INDEF)          Observatory altitude in meters
     (savebcv = yes)            Save result in IRAF data file header (yes or no
     (verbose = yes)            Displays heliocentric and barycentric correctio
       (debug = yes)            Displays intermediate results
       (flpar = no)             flush pfile on assign?
        (mode = "ql")           

[rvsao] [bcvcorr]