linespec Parameters

  • Emission Lines linefile linedir linewidth maxwidth zspec velspec continuum
  • Output Spectrum specobj specfile specdir
  • Wavelength Limits st_lambda end_lambda pix_lambda
  • Displaying Results spec_plot spec_int device plotter verbose logfiles
  • Debugging debug cursor

    Emission Lines [contents] [index]

    linefile ""
    Name of a file with list of emission or absorption lines with the following information for each line:
     Center wavelength of line in Angstroms
     Half-width of line:  in Angstroms if positive, in km/sec if negative
     Height of line in counts (this is arbitrary)
     Name of line
    linedir ""
    Directory for line list. A null string indicates the current working directory.
    linewidth 2.0
    Sigma (half-width at half-maximum) in Angstroms due to instrument resolution. A Gaussian of this sigma is convolved with the spectrum generated from linelist.
    maxwidth no
    Use maximum of line or instrument width (yes) or convolve instrument with spectrum (no).
    zspec 0
    Delta lambda / lambda to which to shift individual spectral lines. This is useful for making spectra for very distant objects and supercedes velspec if it is not zero. Wavelength limits are not changed
    velspec 0
    Velocity in km/sec to which to shift individual spectral lines.
    continuum 0
    Continuum level for output spectrum. This is useful if software to be used on the created spectrum has problems with a continuum of zero or absorption lines with negative nadirs.

    Output Spectrum [contents] [index]

    specobj ""
    Object name for resulting spectrum.
    specfile ""
    Output file name for resulting spectrum.
    specdir ""
    Directory for output spectrum

    Wavelength Limits [contents] [index]

    st_lambda 2500
    Starting wavelength in angstroms of portion of spectrum to correlate.
    end_lambda 8000
    Ending wavelength in angstroms of portion of spectrum to correlate.
    pix_lambda 0.25
    Angstroms per pixel in output spectrum.

    Displaying Results [contents] [index]

    spec_plot no
    If yes, a plot of the final output spectrum is displayed. Cursor commands are activated, and a peak other than the maximum can be chosen to be the center with the keystroke \fIp\fR. Hard copies to stdplot may also be made using the \fI@\fR command.
    spec_int no
    If yes, pause in cursor mode after the output spectrum has been plotted.
    device stdgraph
    Interactive device on which to display a graphic summary of linespec's results.
    plotter stdplot
    Second, non-interactive device on which to plot the graphic summary of results.
    verbose yes
    Print summary to log file (yes or not)
    logfiles STDOUT,linespec.log
    All results from linespec are recorded in these files.

    Debugging [contents] [index]

    debug no
    If yes, values of the parameters fit to the selected peak are recorded in the log files. This is most useful for debugging.
    cursor ""
    Graphics cursor input. When null the standard cursor is used otherwise the specified file is used.

    LINESPEC Parameters, Alphabetically

    cursor debug device end_lambda linedir linefile linewidth logfiles maxwidth plotter st_lambda specdir spec_int specfile specobj spec_plot velspec verbose zspec

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