XCSAO Galaxy Absorption Line Template

This is an absorption line template with the continuum (SUBCONT=F) and emission lines (EMCHOP=T) removed. It is linear in log-wavelength (DC-FLAG=1) and has already been Fourier-filtered, although an object spectrum correlated against it still needs to be filtered (FI-FILT=1). When correlating against such an absorption line template, emission lines should be removed (CHOPEM=T).
archive$templates/ztemp[2048][real]: ztemp
    No bad pixels, no histogram, min=unknown, max=unknown
    Line storage mode, physdim [2048], length of user area 487 s.u.
    Created Wed 14:41:15 16-May-90, Last modified Wed 14:41:16 16-May-90
    Pixel file "HDR$ztemp.pix" [ok]
    OBJECT  = 'z template'
    DC-FLAG =                    1
    CRPIX1  =                    1
    CRVAL1  =             3.653213
    CDELT1  =   7.8017020000000E-5
    W0      =             3.653213
    WPC     =   7.8017020000000E-5
    DATE-OBS= '01/01/80'
    CHOPEM  =                    T
    EMCHOP  =                    T
    SUBCONT =                    F
    FI-FLAG =                    1