IRAF TRES Data Reduction Package

Top level programs (tres> help)

     trsdate - Set instrument and date directories
    trsgroup - Make list files of identical observations and master lists
     trslist - Make a Starbase file of usefull TRES keywords for night's files
        tlog - List night's observed files including human-readable times
       btres - Process TRES bias and dark images removing cosmic rays
       ctres - Process TRES object images to spectra removing cosmic rays
       dtres - Process TRES dark images, removing cosmic rays
       ftres - Process TRES flat field spectra for extraction and flattening
       otres - Process TRES object images to spectra
       qtres - Quick look for TRES spectrum from raw image to 1-D orders
       stres - Process TRES sky images to spectra for aperture extraction
       ttres - Process TRES ThAr spectra to spectra removing cosmic rays
      tquick - Set instrument and date directories for current date quick look
       tdata - Go to current raw data directory
       txds9 - Display raw TRES FITS images from list or sequence no.
       tsds9 - Display processed TRES FITS images from list or sequence no.
      txhead - Display raw TRES FITS headers from list or sequence no.
      txstat - Compute image statistics on both extensions of TRES FITS files
      tmonth - List dates in specified month with TRES data
    tharplot - Plot thorium argon calibration spectra with lines labelled
      trspec - List all spectra of given object and/or apfib and/or program
     trsplot - Plot TRES spectra using emsao with no lines labelled
    tsdelete - Delete files from range of sequence numbers
     tsubsky - Subtract sky spectra from object+sky spectra
     skyplot - Plot spectrum with night sky lines labelled
     tcemsao - Find and fit emission lines in a list of ThAr spectra
     tpxcsao - Cross-correlate ThAr spectra against a reference (pixels)
     tvxcsao - Cross-correlate ThAr spectra against a reference (velocity)
     twxcsao - Cross-correlate ThAr spectra against a reference (wavelength)

Processing tasks (tres> help tptasks)

     tampfix - Fix preamp problem using SPP version of Brian McLeod's C code
      tapref - Find an aperture reference file for a TRES spectrum
      tarith - Perform operation on two spectra with non-linear dispersions
      tblaze - Remove blaze function from a list of spectra
     tblaze1 - Remove blaze function from a spectrum
        tcal - Find shifts and dispersion correct list of calibration spectra
       tcal1 - Find shift and dispersion correct one calibration spectrum
     tharset - Set local ThAr standard for shifts on one night
     tharadd - Add ThAr shift from standard to table of shifts on one night
   thartable - Tabulate MJD, reference, and shift for ThAr spectra
  tharshift1 - Compute pixel shift for a spectrum using night's ThAr spectra
    tmakeref - Set flat field aperture and flattening files for one night
  tmakeblaze - Make normalized blaze function spectrum from flat spectrum
   tmakeflat - Make a TRES aperture-sensitive image flat file using apflatten
   tmakemask - Make mask of non-spectrum parts of TRES image from flattening image
   tmakenorm - Make a TRES aperture-sensitive image norm file using apnormalize
     tcosmic - Remove cosmic rays from multiple observations of one pointing
     tcosbad - Make bad pixel image with pixels which are probably cosmic rays
     tcosfix - Replace cosmic rays with scaled median or scaled comparison
     tcoslim - Compute limiting counts for non-cosmic ray pixels
     tcosmed - Compute median image for cosmic ray search
     trsdump - Dump all TRES pipeline task parameters to a file
     tskysub - Scale and subtract sky spectrum from object+sky spectrum
       tdate - Run trsdate for date of current working directory
      tdisp1 - Add dispersion function to a TRES spectrum
    textract - Extract multi-order spectra from images to IRAF echelle files
       tflat - Correct TRES images using flattening files from TMAKEFLAT
      tflat1 - Correct TRES image using flattening files from TMAKEFLAT
      tgain1 - Correct TRES image gains
      tidref - Find an appropriate comparison lamp spectrum for TRES spectrum
    tdispref - Find a comparison lamp spectrum w/dispersion for TRES spectrum
      tmodid - Copy ID database file, changing filename and line positions
      tpmake - Make a relative throughput correction spectrum
     tpreamp - Fix preamp problem on list of files
    tpreamp1 - Fix preamp problem on a single image
    tpreproc - Process images up to amplifier integration into single image
       tproc - Process images up to cosmic ray removal
      tproc1 - Run mscred.ccdproc on a single image
       trsdb - Make a Starbase tab-separated table of relevant data info
       tscat - Remove scattered light from a list of TRES images
      tscat1 - Remove scattered light from a TRES image
        tfib - Summarize TRES observing parameters for a list of files
       tfib1 - Summarize TRES observing parameters for one file
    trsfiles - Parse input range of sequence number or list of files
      trsavg - Use mscred.combine to average a list of images
      trsmed - Use mscred.combine to make a median image
      trssum - Use mscred.combine to add images together
       twoid - Make new ID database file interpolating two existing files

Utilities used by TRES tasks (tres> help tutasks)

      cround - Round a floating point number as a string to a string format
    filename - Return just the file name from a full pathname
    fileroot - Drop any file extensions from a filename or pathname
    filepath - Return file pathname given a template
   fillimage - Interpolate along lines to fill zeroed pixels
      fixdir - Add a trailing / to a directory name is it is not there
     gettime - Get current local time for logging in file header
      imgetp - Return parameter value from header and default if not there
       isnum - Return 1 if integer, 2 if floating point, else zero
     isrange - Return 1 if string is a range of numbers i-j or i1,i2,i3
    makepath - Make a path name from a file name and directory path
      padstr - Replace blanks in a string with _ and : n with :0n
     relearn - Update parameter file: add new parameters, use current values
       round - Round a floating point number to an arbitrary string format
      smatch - Find one string in another
      tcount - Return number of lines in a file
        tdir - List content of current raw data directory
trshistogram - Plot or list a histogram of an image
    trelearn - Update package parameter files: current values + new parameters
         twc - Find number of lines in list of files