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justify - justify the columns of a starbase data table.


    justify [-i input] [-o output] [-dlcrewx] [column] [-dlcrewx] [column] ...


justify neatens up a starbase data table by justifying the column according to the their contents and the options given on the command line. justify will also perform column selection as column.


Justification Options

The use of any justification flags implies that all the columns will be justified. Justification options that are listed on the command line apply to all following columns until a different option is given. Options that are suffixed to a column name with ":" only apply to that column. The default justification is left for text and right for numbers. The output width of a column may be controlled by appending a width for the column in characters to a column name with a ",". A column can be reformatted by appending a sprintf format spec to the columns name with a "%".

Some examples of justification options with justify. Other column programs also support these options:

Justify the table:
    john@panic : justify < foo
    X       Name            Y      
    ------  --------        -------
       4.5  Star1           5000   
     435    Star2_bk           4.3 
    2300    Star3              2.04

Justify all the column, override the default left for text:
    john@panic : justify < foo -a -r Name
        Name        X       Y      
    --------        ------  -------
       Star1           4.5  5000   
    Star2_bk         435       4.3 
       Star3        2300       2.04

Do the same thing with an appended column option:

    john@panic : justify < foo -a Name:r
        Name        X       Y
    --------        ------  -------
       Star1           4.5  5000
    Star2_bk         435       4.3
       Star3        2300       2.04

Sepcify a column width for the name column:

    john@panic : justify Name,20 < foo


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