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row - select rows from a starbase data table


    row 'selection expression' < tablefile
    select 'selection expression' < tablefile


row reads a starbase data table from its standard input and prints the rows for which the selection expression evaluates to true on the standard output. The expression should be a valid awk language expression and may contain references to column names and header keyword values.

The statements or expression is preprocessed by the program before passed to awk for evaluation. Column and header value names are substituted for thier values in the table. Column names may be subscripted with an array index and the column data will be split on the ARRDEL environment variable. Header values may be also subscripted, but assignments made to header values will not appear in the output table.

The user statements and expressions of are interpreted by the awk programming langauge.



Select all the rows that are for which the magnitude is fainter than 19:

        row 'Magnitude > 19' < catalog.tab
        ObjectNumber    Magnitude
        ------------    ---------
                   1         19.1
                   2         21.1
                   3         20.1



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