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svdfittable - linear coefficient fit of a set of basis functions to a dependent column.


     svdfittable [-m 'model spec'] column [col ...]


svdfittable fits a set of model functions to the data in column. The model is a comma separated list of basis functions. svdfittable computes a linear coefficient for each basis function to provide the best fit sum to the dependent variable column. Each basis function in the model is evaluated as an awk expression which may contain table column names and header values. The columns of the table used in the basis function expressions are the independent variables of the fit. More than one dependent variable column may be given and an independent fit will be performed for each. See slaSvd @{slaSvdcov, slalib/slaSvdcov.3.html} slaSvdsol



A simple linear fit of measured data in column Y to actual position column X. The first line of the example uses jottable to creates some data to fit. The second line fits the data with svdfittable and then neatens up the output table with justify
    john@panic : jottable X 5 | column -a Y | compute 'Y = X + gresid(.1)' > foo.tab
    john@panic  : svdfittable < foo.tab -m '1, X' Y | justify
    Model            1, X
    RMS for each column fit:
    RMS_Y        0.012060
    Coefficients for each column fit:
    C_Y        -0.0646272       0.991883
           Y           Fit_Y            Res_Y
    --------        --------        ---------
    0.941286        0.927256        -0.014030
    1.907160        1.919138         0.011978
    2.895200        2.911021         0.015821
    3.914360        3.902904        -0.011456
    4.897100        4.894787        -0.002313


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