RVSAO.LINESPEC Example 1: Parameters

     linefile = "emtemp.dat"    Filename with list of emission or absorption li
     specfile = "emtemp2a"      Filename for output created spectrum
     (linedir = "")             Directory for line list
   (linewidth = 2.)             HWHM of instrument resolution in Angstroms
    (maxwidth = no)             Use maximum of line or instrument width or conv
       (zspec = 0.)             Shift line centers to this dlambda/lambda super
     (velspec = 0.)             Shift line centers to this velocity
   (continuum = 0.)             Continuum level for created spectrum
    (specname = "Emission Lines Inst 2A") Object name for created spectrum
     (specdir = "")             Directory for created spectrum
   (st_lambda = 3000.)          Starting wave length to save
  (end_lambda = 8000.)          Ending wave length to save
  (pix_lambda = 0.25)           Wavelength per pixel in Angstroms
   (spec_plot = yes)            True to plot the output spectrum
    (spec_int = yes)            True to interact with the output spectrum
      (device = "stdgraph")     Display device
     (plotter = "stdplot")      Hardcopy output device
     (verbose = "yes")          Print summary to log file (yes or not)
    (logfiles = "STDOUT,linespec.log") List of log files
       (debug = no)             Displays intermediate results
      (cursor = "")             Graphics cursor input
        (mode = "ql")           
       (flpar = no)             flush pfile on assign?

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