pxcsao is an IRAF task in the rvsao package which provides an optionally interactive facility to determine redshifts and velocity dispersions by cross-correlating a spectrum against template spectra of known velocities as described by Tonry and Davis 1979, A.J., 84, 1511).

pxcsao works exactly like xcsao, with the additional feature that the results for a single file are saved in the task parameter file. This makes them accessible by scripts. For example, pixel shifts from cross correlation can be used to adjust wavelength calibrations, and R-values from correlations of "sky" spectra against spectra of galaxies and stars can be used to eliminate those spectra contaminated by objects.



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PASP Paper on XCSAO and RVSAO package [ADS Abstract] [local abstract]

"RVSAO 2.0: Digital Redshifts and Radial Velocities" Michael J. Kurtz and Douglas J. Mink, 1998, PASP, v. 110, pp. 934-977.

ADASS Paper on XCSAO [abstract] [full text]

"XCSAO: A Radial Velocity Package for the IRAF Environment"
Kurtz, M.J., Mink, D.J., Wyatt, W.F., Fabricant, D.G., Torres, G., Kriss, G., and Tonry, J.L. 1992, in Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems I, ASP Conf. Ser., Vol. 25, eds. D.M. Worral, C. Biemesderfer, and J. Barnes, 432.

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