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IOTA - Technical Memoranda

  1. Picomotors on long wires [PDF]; WAT, PASch, Sept. 2004
  2. Testing the quality of the siderostats; MGL, RMG, Jun. 2004
  3. Flux levels of PICNIC (PS, PDF; also quick-look table), Sam Ragland (CfA), Dec. 2003
  4. Nominal count rates for Startracker CCD (PS, PDF; also quick-look table), Sam Ragland (CfA), Nov. 2003
  5. Characterization of IOTA-IONIC for Closure phase measurements (PS, PDF), Sam Ragland (CfA), July 2003;
    see also SPIE contribution [PDF] (2004)
  6. CPLD-Controlled PICNIC Camera at IOTA, E. Pedretti et al. (CfA)
  7. Delay-line geometry (PS, PDF), W. A. Traub (CfA), November 4, 2000.
  8. Report on the First Fringe-Tracker Test at IOTA, S. Morel (CfA), January 20 - February 12, 1999.
  9. IOTA Control System Description, F. P. Schloerb (UMass Amherst) and W. A. Traub (CfA), May 2, 1999.
  10. IOTA Pointing Model, C. Coldwell (CfA), December 1999.
  11. IOTA Baseline Vector, C. Coldwell (CfA), December 1999.
  12. IOTA Telescopes Search and Catchup Algorithm, C. Coldwell (CfA), December 1999.
  13. IOTA Search Algorithm, C. Coldwell (CfA), December 1999.
  14. IOTA Tip-Tilt Performance Analysis, J. D. Bregman (NASA Ames), July 14, 1998.
  15. Baselines, C. Coldwell (CfA), June 14, 1997.
  16. IOTA Data Reduction and Analysis Software, F. P. Schloerb (UMass Amherst), January 22, 1997.
  17. Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Interference Fringe Parameters, R. Millan-Gabet,  F. P. Schloerb (UMass Amherst), W. A. Traub (CfA) and H. M. Dyck, April 6, 1995.
  18. Fast Delay Line Calculation, W. A. Traub (CfA), March 7, 1993.
  19. Effect of Uncompensated Air or Glass Paths in IOTA, W. A. Traub (CfA), August 3, 1989.
  20. IOTA Pointing, J. F. Chandler (CfA), October 28, 1988.
  21. Laboratory Measurements of Visibility using Dispersed Fringes in Wavenumber Space, W. A. Traub and M. G. Lacasse (CfA), 1988.
  22. A Matched-Filter Photon-Counting Correlator Algorithm, W. A. Traub (CfA), July 11, 1988.

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