Monday, 16 July 2001
Rafael Millan-Gabet
June-July 2001 Engineering Run Summary

Dates: June 12 - July 7, 2001

People on site:
Wes Traub (WT), Pete Schloerb (FPS)
Ettore Pedretti (EP), Rafael Millan-Gabet (RMG), Jean-Philippe Berger (JPB), Pierre Haguenauer (PH), John Monnier (JDM)
Marc Lacasse (MGL), Angela Ahearn (AMA)

Continue work towards phase closure measurement capabilities. Implementation of 3-telescope integrated optics beam combiner. Implementation of 3-telescope free-space beam combiner.

JDM Run Notes
Feedback from MC/OT Users
Configuration of VME CPUs
VxWorks Software Documentation
Installation/Configuration/Software for VME ADC Board
CB-Comm Control of Telescope C TV-Camera
System Administration/Security/OT upgrade
Telescopes/SDs/LDs Hardware
Free-Space Beam Combiner Status
Integrated Optics Experiment Summary
Status of PICNIC Camera FPGA Readout

Star Tracker Improvement Plan

Summer 2001 Plan

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