Fri, 11 May 2001
Rafael Millan-Gabet
April 2001 Engineering Run Summary

Dates: April 1 - May 6, 2001

People on site:
Wes Traub (WT), Nat Carleton (NPC),
John Monnier (JDM), Rafael Millan-Gabet (RMG), Ettore Pedretti (EP),
Pete Schloerb (FPS), Mike Brewer (MKB), Marc Lacasse (MGL)

Continue work towards integration of 3d telescope and phase closure measurement capabilities.

Hardware Notes

Characterization of short delay pads (JDM)
Short delay re-installation (NPC)
Status of beam combiner optics and mounts (WT)
New star tracker electronics interface (RMG,MGL)
PICNIC camera (RMG)
FPGA readout of PICNIC (EP)

Software Notes

Sun host OS upgrade & administration (MKB)
Status of new OT (PFS)
Notes on interrupts programming (JDM)
Star trackers shutters control (JDM)
Locations of important new codes (star tracker, DAQ, IDL, xdisplays, serial board, CB-Comm) (JDM)
Notes on star tracking from the WindShell (JDM)
Modifications to DAQ (and other) codes (MKB)

System Tests Notes

LD test using new server scripts, Quadra & Sun clients (MGL,RMG)
Fringe scanning test using AO board + interrupts (MKB,RMG)
Behaviour of short delay after granite & pads polishing (WT)
Optics train telescope->lab for the 3 telescopes (WT)
Star tracking with 3-telescopes (MKB)

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